Ben Orisich

Ben Orisich is an award-winning commercial director based out of New York. His unique visual style and comprehensive post-production background are key elements to his success. With over 20 years of experience in production, visual effects, design, and editorial, Orisich brings an understanding of the entire filmmaking and story-telling process to each project. Ben has traveled the globe while garnering recognition as a director for his work on national advertising campaigns.  In addition to directing two Super Bowl commercials, Ben was selected as one of Shoot Magazine’s Best New Directors. In 2011 he won the overall New York Festival awards and an Emmy nomination for his Indy 500 Open.

In a business that you have to be passionate about it’s no surprise that Ben’s personal passions for emotional story telling and his passion for cars have collided in being able to direct the open for the Indy 500 for the last 8 years in a row. This along with several high profile commercials featuring Indy car drivers for IZOD as well as several others NASCAR, Chevy, and Cooper Tires, these projects has cemented Ben in the car world. Along with a passion for crafting beautiful pictures into stories, Orisich’s other hobbies include road trips in fast cars, the perfect cappuccino, and the occasional explosion.


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